The Wine Expo Poland takes place in the exhibition centre EXPO XXI in Warsaw. Originally conceived as a B2B trade fair, the international event is also directed to a broad audience. It offers a wide range of wines of all kinds, including sherry, grappa and port wine, as well as lots of interesting facts on the subject of wine. Of course the wines can be tasted and there is the opportunity for detailed conversation in order to make important business contacts. Wine related accessories such as waiter utensils and bar furniture are also included in the exhibition range. Furthermore, the event comes up with an informative programme consisting of sommelier schools, seminars and conferences on relevant topics. Complementary to the Wine Expo the Warsaw Oil Festival takes place at the same time in the same exhibition centre.

The EXPO XXI is considered the most modern exhibition centre in Poland. It is easy to get there by car over the highway as well as by means of public transport from the central station. 1500 parking lots are available directly at the building.

The Wine Expo Poland will take place on 2 days from Friday, 27. October to Saturday, 28. October 2017 in Warsaw.

Polskie Biuro Numizmatyczne
ul. Grójecka 22/24
02301 Warsaw, Poland
Tel: +48 (0)22 8866889
Fax: +48 (0)22 6688669

WINE AND FOOD 2017 Messukeskus Helsinki

The most delicious event of the year

Wine and Food is an event for all wine enthusiasts and lovers of good food. Many food bloggers and media representatives are also at the fair. Welcome!

Wine and Food is the largest and best culinary fair in Finland. It will be held at the same time with the Helsinki Book Fair. The event attracts 80,000 visitors to Messukeskus every autumn.

The most delicious event of the year invites customers to taste hundreds of different wines and flavours from Finland and abroad. The fair exhibits wines (max. alcohol content 22%), beers and ciders, delicacies, cooking utensils and kitchen supplies, tabletop supplies, tableware and cutlery, wine equipment, gastro-tours and gastronomic literature, restaurants and other industry products and services.

Opening times
Thursday 26 October 12:00–20:00
Friday 27 October 10:00–20:00
Saturday 28 October 10:00–20:00

Sunday 29 October 10:00–18:00

This is an event you do not want to miss! ⇒ STAND PRICES PRESENTATION

A total of 70% of visitors are female and 70% live in the Helsinki metropolitan area. The average age of visitors is 40 years. Cooking is a hobby for 55% of visitors and wines for 33%. 30% of visitors eat out on a regular basis. Other hobbies of visitors include reading (76%), films (52%) and theatre and opera (27%). Visitors stayed at the event for approximately three hours. The figures are from a visitor survey conducted by Kantar TNS at the fair.


Дата на провеждане: 8 – 11.11.2017 г.
Периодичност: Ежегодно
Поредност: 16-о издание
Място на провеждане: Интер Експо Център – София
Профил на изложбата: Вина, спиртни напитки и аксесоари
Целева група: Специалисти и широка публика
Организатори: Интер Експо Център, Национална лозаро-винарска камара

САЛОН НА ВИНОТО е утвърдена ежегодна платформа за ползотворни бизнес контакти.

Изложението допринася за разширяване и утвърждаване на пазарните позиции на българските вина в страната и чужбина. Събитието е и предпочитано място за дегустации на елитни и качествени вина и спиртни напитки от най-висок клас, повишаване на винената култура на потребителите, както и популяризиране на виното сред неговите ценители. Български и чуждестранни винопроизводители, енолози, сомелиери и търговци се събират в рамките на четирите изложбени дни, за да осъществят директни контакти с дистрибутори, ресторантьори и крайни клиенти.


  • Селектирани вина с най-добро качество
  • Нови партиди и търговски марки с неповторим аромат и вкус
  • Бутикови серии вина
  • Продукти от грозде
  • Спиртни напитки
  • Специализирани миялни машини

Паралелно със САЛОН НА ВИНОТО в шестте зали на Интер Експо Център ще се проведат международните изложения МЕСОМАНИЯ, СВЕТЪТ НА МЛЯКОТО, БУЛПЕК, ИНТЕРФУД & ДРИНК и СИХРЕ.

⇒Заявете участие сега – направете крачка напред във Вашия бизнес!

Ръководител проект
Aся Найденова

Телефон: + 359 (2) 9655 274
Факс: + 359 (2) 9655 230, + 359 (2) 4013 230

Маркетинг и реклама
Ирена Варакаджиев

Телефон: +359 (2) 9655 201
Факс: + 359 (2) 9655 230, + 359 (2) 4013 230

Wine Trade Fair ENOEXPO 2017 in Krakow

The 15th International Wine Trade Fair in Krakow ENOEXPO® is the most important and the biggest, fully professional event integrating wine industry in Poland. The Trade Fair is organised together with 25th International Trade Fair of Hotel and Catering Equipment HORECA® and 15th Food and Drinks for Catering Trade Fair GASTROFOOD®. This perfect combination brings possibility to present wines to Polish consumers from HoReCa sector and to find a distributor for this developing market.

Every year ENOEXPO becomes more popular both domestically and internationally. Last year edition gathered 174 exhibitors from 20 countries: Armenia, Austria, Bulgaria, Chile, Croatia, France, Greece, Georgia, Spain, Kosovo, Lithuania, Germany, Portugal, Romania, RPA, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, UK and Italy; with almost 13 thousand industry professionals coming to visit this unique event.


Iwona Miliszkiewicz-Bielak
Team Leader/Project Manager

ph: +48 12 651 90 30
mob: +48 501 691 235
fax: +48 12 644 61 41


RIVE 2017 will be held on 12th-13th-14th December 2017, in the trade center of Pordenone, in Viale Treviso 1. From vine to wine, from the field to the cellar: Rive 2017 will be a unique event at an international level in the wine sector, a benchmark for the entire industry.


RIVE 2017 is not just an occasion to match demand and supply. The aim of the event is to open new channels of communication between the parties involved, creating insights and let an exchange of know-how arise which can remain active even beyond the time and physical limits of the exposition.

Enotrend is the project that contains the added value of RIVE 2017: a space devoted to workshops, discussions and seminars on new trends in the field of vine culture, technical innovations, research & development. The project provides a place of virtual knowledge exchange and different occasions for the real meeting of experts at the highest level. Enotrend was born of a Scientific Committee composed of prestigious names of the Academy and of the Italian wine world. The group gave impetus to the works on December 2nd, with the first meeting and election of the President, unanimously voted in the person of Professor Attilio Scienza.

Enotrend: blogs, seminars, conferences, and workshops
The virtual part of Enotrend project is already active: there is a blog on which you can find news and information on viticulture, winemaking and oenology, with the valuable contributions of the Scientific Committee.
On odd years, Enotrend will be hosted in the Rive spaces where it will come to life in the form of workshops in which winemakers and agronomists will be able to confront and widen their training, under the guidance of a Scientific Committee composed of distinguished scholars from Research Institutes and prestigious Italian Universities.
On even years, Enotrend will be a stand-alone event, with conferences, workshops, meetings, in itinerant headquarters, not only in the Triveneto area, but also throughout Italy.

If you arrive by plane:
Trieste, Venice and Treviso international airports are 50 minutes by highway from Pordenone.

Chiara Bonan Advisionair
press office 2017
tel. +39 348 7727840

Simona Maldarelli Pordenone Fiere
tel. +39 0434 232111
direct +39 0434 232292
cell. +39 335 7024597


ХХV Международна изложба за лозарство и винарство ВИНАРИЯ

Международната изложба за лозарство и винарство  ВИНАРИЯ се утвърди като най-престижното изложение на бранша в Югоизточна Европа. Показва иновации от цялата верига на винената индустрия – от засаждането и отглеждането на лозята през преработката на гроздето във винарските изби до атрактивното предлагане на продуктите.

Организатор:  Международен панаир Пловдив под егидата на Министерство на земеделието и храните на Република България

Основен партньор: Националната лозаро-винарска камара

Оценка: одобрена от Международната асоциация на изложбената индустрия (UFI),  тъй като отговаря на световните стандарти.

Изложбата е част от ЕДИНСТВЕНИЯ НА БАЛКАНИТЕ МЕГАФОРУМ ЗА АГРОБИЗНЕС, ХРАНИ, ВИНО И ТУРИЗЪМ. Той привлича вниманието на деловите среди, защотопредоставя по-добри маркетингови възможности на изложителите и посетителите.

Уникалният ГРАД НА ВИНОТО –  арена на изисканите напитки и храни.  Иновативната  изложбена форма създава обща сцена  за презентиране на  винарски изби, производители и търговци на хранителни продукти и подправки, деликатеси, гурме специалитети. Магията на виното и кулинарията разкриват своето очарование в атрактивна среда и завладяваща атмосфера, които привличат хиляди посетители.


  • Международен конкурс за вина, ракии, винено бренди и спиртни напитки за призовете ЗЛАТЕН РИТОН и ЗЛАТНА ФИАЛА, за златни, сребърни и бронзови медали
  • Национални дегустации на вина, ракии и винено бренди
  • Конкурс „Изба на годината“
  • Конкурс за най-добър енолог
  • Конкурс за иновации – машини, инвентар и технологии за винопроизводството
  • Национален конкурс „Изборът на потребителя“
  • Конкурс за дизайн – промишлен дизайн и дизайн на панаирна експозиция


  • Международна селскостопанска изложба АГРА със Специализирана изложба за биологично растениевъдство и животновъдство БИОАГРА
  • Международна изложба за храни и напитки, опаковки, машини и технологии ФУДТЕХ
  • Международна изложба за оборудване на хотели, ресторанти, кафетерии и търговски обекти ХОРЕКА ПЛОВДИВ
  • Изложба  на висококачествени италиански храни и вина ВКУСОВЕТЕ НА ИТАЛИЯ
  • Международна изложба за пчеларство АПИ БЪЛГАРИЯ

Мария Миланова
Tel.: 032/90 23 77
0885 78 75 87



VINISUD 2017: a new format dedicated to all wine professionals

On 29, 30 and 31 January 2017, VINISUD invites all Mediterranean wine professionals to attend the first edition of a henceforth annual trade show. The event will offer several innovations to strengthen services to professionals and the dynamism of business relations at the fair

VINISUD 2017 in figures: over 20,000 visitors are expected, including 6,000 international visitors from 70 different countries. Amongst them will be 400 major buyers who are key stakeholders in their markets, including 200 VIP buyers recruited by Sud de France for the International Business Forum. VINISUD 2017 will also be attended by nearly 1,000 exhibitors, including all inter-branch organisations.

In 2017, VINISUD will continue to serve the sector’s stakeholders by creating tools to facilitate trade relations, offering new events and identifying future trends.

An essential event for international exhibitors and buyers

Amongst the commercial tools being offered, this year VINISUD has designed a programme of business activities to improve performance even further:

  • AN ONLINE TOOL devoted to facilitating contact between buyers and exhibitors for FACE-TO-FACE MEETINGS at the stands
  • A personal welcome for buyers at the fair.

Reportage Vinisud 2016

An international fair which adapts to market development

Amongst the innovations to benefit all visitors to the fair, VINISUD is introducing two new themed areas:

  • LA NOUVELLE VAGUE by VINISUD: destined for young winegrowers, it greatly assists in energising the sector and giving tomorrow’s stakeholders a more prominent place
  • MEDITERRANEAN WINE TOURISM by VINISUD: the first area devoted to Mediterranean wine tourism, organised in conjunction with, providing an exhibition area, kiosk and three round table discussions.

TWO NEW STUDIES: First results

The exhibition held its pre-launch as an annual event in Paris on November 24th, by presenting the results of the two new studies, which look at Mediterranean wines in the global marketplace and consumption habits among young wine drinkers in London and New York.

NOTE TO EDITORS:Full versions of the surveys are available on the VINISUD


The VINISUD fair is an international benchmark for wines produced around the Mediterranean. The 2017 fair will take place from 29 to 31 January at the Parc des Expositions in Montpellier. VINISUD and its tight-knit, dedicated and dynamic team aims to serve all the sectors’ stakeholders, at all times.


Catherine Bourguignon – Service Communication Presse
Adhesion Group – 35/37 rue des Abondances – 92513 Boulogne cedex France
Tel : 33 (0)1 41 86 41 27 Fax : 33 (0)1 46 04 57 61
Email :  –