The MIWSC-TerraVino 2016 ANNIVERSARY will take place from
27 November to 01 december 2016

The organization of The International Wine & Spirits in the Mediterranean (MIWSC) – TerraVino 2016, is pleased to invite companies with wines, liqueurs and spirits from around the world to participate in TerraVino – MIWSC 2016, which is one of the most important wine competitions in the Mediterranean today.

This event TerraVino – MIWSC 2016 is the result of several factors:

  • A unique experience in the eastern Mediterranean area.
  • The recognition of one of the oldest parts of humanity with awards that symbolize the culture of wine.
  • TerraVino prizes – MIWSC 2016 are among the most beautiful in the world.
  • TerraVino – MIWSC 2016 has an international dimension very important as participating products come from over 24 countries worldwide.
  • Involved all sorts of products from different origins: wine, spirits and liqueurs.
  • There is great interest in importing wines from Israel into new products.
  • Excellent tasters participating international journalists and opinion leaders worldwide.

The International Wine & Spirits in the Mediterranean (MIWSC) – TerraVino 2016 is organized according to the following detailed regulation [View Regulation]

Official Sponsorship: the World Association of Journalists and Writers of Wine & Spirit.

The World Association of Journalists and Writers of Wines and Spirit (WAWWJ) has given the official auspices to Mediterranean International Wines and Spirit Challenge -TerraVino 2016

At a meeting in Paris – France and New York – United States, international authorities to WAWWJ Association reported inclusion of Terravino, among the TOP 20 World Competition Wines and Liquors, which provide for the World Ranking points Wine & Spirits 2017 (WRW). This contest had a 120% increase in number of samples between the first and four editions and more than 55% of wines and spirit belonging to over 24 countries, making it really a very international competition.

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