World Bulk Wine Exhibition 2017

More than 75% of the bulk wine exported worldwide will be represented at the World Bulk Wine Exhibition

Producers from 22 different countries will participate in the 9th WBWE, the largest fair in the entire world devoted to
the trade of large volumes of wine

Almost every country in the world, which produces bulk wine (Germany, Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Belgium, Chile, China, USA, Slovakia, Spain, France, Georgia, the Netherlands, Hungary, Italy, Malaysia, Moldavia, New Zealand, Portugal, Romania, United Kingdom and South Africa) will be represented at the WBWE, in a year of special importance for the whole international sector.

Due to low harvests worldwide, the WBWE has become a meeting point of vital importance for producers ─in order to maintain their ranking in the industry─ and who look for a better grape price, higher crop profitability and a brighter future for their wines. Those who miss out this event might lose a crucial opportunity for their business future.

Quality plays a key role at this year’s fair, because the participating purchasers increasingly require added value regarding bulk wines, and also quality and differentiation with regard to other products. Little by little the social perception of bulk wine as a quality wine is gaining foothold; and, from the WBWE, as the world’s major trade fair devoted to this business, we cannot help but feel proud of ourselves for having contributed to improving not only this perception, but the wine quality itself, which is greater every year

Nowadays, almost 40% of the wine that is exported on a global scale is in bulk; it is a trend that will not cease to expand, because there is an increasing awareness of the importance to bottle in destination for commercial purposes, but also due to issues of environmental responsibility because to bottle in destination helps to reduce carbon footprints.

Between 70 and 80% of the bulk wine that is exported can be found at this trade fair, making the WBWE the right place to be if you don’t want to miss out on the vital importance for the business and the future of producers.


The WBWE is the first and largest fair in the world devoted to the business of large volumes of wine; so its success is not only to bring the great producers and purchasers from around the world, but to dedicate a significant part of its fabric to the dialogue between the main players in the business and related sectors: top level conferences, unique tastings, masterclasses, a scientific research competition, delicatessen and product areas and, above all, one of the great successes alongside the fair: the International Bulk Wine Competition, the only one in the world created to promote this category of wines, and which guarantees greater knowledge and transparency regarding the quality of large volumes of wine.

On this 9th edition, the WBWE launches two new features that may just revolutionize the industry. On the one hand:

The Bulk Wine Club, the largest forum for the industry’s professionals. The Bulk Wine Club is a club devoted to being the meeting place for information and business of the bulk wine industry; but it is also an informative forum destined to allow direct access available for our members, and in real time, to what is happening within our sector worldwide: sales data, prices, commercial flow and trends.

On the other: another great feature is the creation of a Master program: “The art of Blending Wine”. It is an advanced seminar for professionals from the sector, who would like to educate themselves, share knowledge, techniques and methods, over a period of two days, with some of the most renowned speakers from around the world.

Michel Rolland (France), Anita Oberholster (USA), Hervé Romat (France), Franke Smulders (The Netherlands) or Brian Peters (UK) are some of the oenologists and consultants, who will participate in this intensive, practical and professional program, through which the art of coupage will be further developed through workshops, talks and masterclasses.


The World Bulk Wine Exhibition is aimed at producers and purchasers of bulk wine, wineries, distilleries, importers, distributors, retailers, international chains, dealers, media, etc.

The main objective of the World Bulk Wine Exhibition is to ensure that each participating exhibitor, who presents their varieties of quality bulk wine, has the best possible international showcase for their products. This is a goal that has been achieved thanks to our commitment to attract buyers from all over the world. The WBWE is an event of strategic importance not only due to the dates or the place where it is held, nor for its capacity to gather international trade operators, but for its 360 degree global vision on what the bulk wine sector has to offer.

The 9th WBWE will take place on the 20th and 21st of November 2017 at the Amsterdam’s RAI: an exclusive space where, during the last eight years, the main producers and purchasers from all over the world have gathered for the most intense business days of the year.

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