Lyon International Competition 2016


7th edition of the Lyon International Competition (2 April 2016):
The world of wine meets in Lyon to test cuvées from across the globe…
along with beers and spirits.
In 2016, something new and special for the 600 tasters participating in the event!

The 2016 edition of the Lyon International Competition is about to begin! The tasting will take place on 2 April of this year, at the Cité Internationale in Lyon.

In all, more than 4000 wines of all types (red, white, rosé, still and sparkling), and over 200 beers, apéritifs and spirits will be placed on the hundred or so white-clothed tables in the 3 rooms reserved for the competition. The samples from over 20 countries across the world (France, Spain, Italy, the United States, Portugal, Switzerland, Slovakia, South Africa, etc.) will be tasted and scored by more than 600 wine professionals and competent amateur wine-lovers (2015 figures).

In 2016, competition organisers will offer tasters a special programme to prepare them for
the very specific task of scoring products for a competition:

– before the competition, they will be offered training courses on ‘How to determine a score for a wine or spirit’.

– afterwards, a certificate declaring the bearer an ‘Experienced Lyon International Competition wine taster’ will be awarded to the most highly qualified tasters, on the basis of an evaluation and their participation in several editions of the event. The evaluation wi ll focus on expertise in scoring wines.

logo-concours-international-vins-lyonYear after year, the Lyon International Competition has continued on its successful path.
As the number of wines presented has grown—an increase of 20% each year—the competition has become the most important world-wide wine and spirits event in France. For a competition of this kind, the wines tasted and awarded are exceptional in terms of both diversity and origin.

In 2015, when the competition opened its doors to beers, spirits and apéritifs, it immediately became a key player in the world of alcoholic beverages. The trial run was a smashing success. White, blond, brown, amber and special beers, and spirits, were among the new products presented, and gold and silver medals were awarded to 56 beers.

Let’s not forget that the goal of the Lyon International Competition is to award medals to the best products.
In 2015, medals were bestowed on 1,383 wines. Leading them all was the Monbazillac 2011 from Château Montdoyen, which obtained a record score of 99/100 for its‘Ainsi Soit-il’ cuvée.
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