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The coveted international wine awards conferred by MUNDUS VINI GmbH are regarded in
Germany as a
prestigious international competition for wines from all wine-growing regions around the world. The aim of the competition is to promote wine quality and boost the sales of the wines and sparkling wines entered. An international jury delivers an independent, neutral and expert verdict on the wines, thereby guaranteeing that the competition is both fair and professional. This bestows a high level of recognition upon the medals awarded at MUNDUS VINI, the prize-winning wines and their producers.

As of this year, the MUNDUS VINI awards will be held twice annually, with a summer tasting in August to tie in with the autumn fairs and year-end business and a spring tastingin February.

The winning wines can be showcased in November 2015 at FORUM VINI in Munich, Germany.

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MUNDUS VINI Summer Tasting Results

The prize-winning products at the Great International Wine Awards organised by MUNDUS VINI GmbH will feature in publications after the competition has finished. They will appear in, among others, MEININGER’S WINE BUSINESS INTERNATIONAL, WEINWIRTSCHAFT, MEININGERS WEINWELT, DER DEUTSCHE WEINBAU and MEININGERS SOMMELIER des MEININGER VERLAGS, Neustadt an der Weinstraße. Various internet portals, including MEININGER ONLINE, will also run features that can be linked to the producers’ webpages. Information on wines that have not garnered the minimum number of points required for an award will not be published.

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