VinAgora 2015 International Wine Competition

Vinagora 2015
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Since its establishment in 1992, VinAgora, as a member of VinoFed, has become one of the 10 most professionally recognised competitions in the world. It has obtained the patronage of major international professional organisations, such as OIV (International Organisation of Vine and Wine)and UIOE (Union Internationale des Oenologues). It is an active member of VINOFED (Fédération Mondiale des Grands Concours Internationaux de Vins et Spritiueux).

The organizers strongly believe that the partnership and patronage of highly acclaimed international organisations helps evaluating Hungarian wines in an authentic and unbiased way. Setting up a wine competition in a “custom-tailored” manner, with guided preconceptions, sometimes influencing foreign wine judges is self-deception that only contributes to the conservation of the flawed idea of “world famous” Hungarian wines only known within the borders.

“The Best of Country” prize

Another new development is that if at least 20 samples are received from a foreign country, the gold medalist wine that achieved the highest score among the competing samples will be awarded a special prize.

Reasonable entry fee

Compared to the fees at renowned wine competitions abroad, VinAgora offers a reduced entry fee, which is affordable even to smaller winemakers. Entering one sample costs EUR 130,-, and the per-unit cost of entering a sample decreases with the number of samples submitted. For example, four samples can be submitted for a mere EUR 460.

Multi-level evaluation

– Renewed VinAgora Software for the complex evaluation of the wines
OIV, 100-point scale:  The quality of the wine is evaluated according to an overall average of the points awarded
Wine profile (“spider’s web diagram”):  An assessment of the most important elements defining the character of the wine
List of aromas:  A list of the most characteristic components of the bouquet and flavour


Online catalogue of competition results on our website
– Publication of results in the electronic trade media of neighbouring countries
– A wide-ranging Hungarian and international PR campaign
Catalogue of detailed results, that is made available to the general public at the VinAgora Wine Gala
– The catalogue of results is sent to all participants as well as Hungarian and international wine trading companies, wine shops, professional organisations and the press

The VinAgora Wine Gala is a one-day long post-competition event where:

– consumers are provided an opportunity to gain an insight into the world of wine competitions and to become acquainted with the methods of selecting quality wines
– interested wine-lovers and professionals have an opportunity to taste all of the wines of the competition
– every winemaker who submitted at least 5 samples, can represent his/her wine personally in the Gala
– 1000 visitors every year are the proof that it is worthwhile using the results of VinAgora as a means to gain consumer confidence and markets.

Macaron on the bottle

The makers of medal-winning wines will be allowed to order the “VinAgora macaron” as a proof of their excellent performance (a round stick that can be added to the main label on the bottle) in order to strengthen consumer confidence in their wines and increase their popularity and reputation.

Contact information:

Postal adress: Magyar Szőlő- és Borkultúra Nonprofit Kft.
1124 Budapest, Somorjai u. 21. HUNGARY
Info hotlines: Tel.:+36-1 203 8507  Fax: +36-1 700 1610

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