Vino Ljubljana International Wine Competition 29-31 May 2015

Vino Ljubljana
Back in 1955, Ljubljana wine competition got the sponsorship of the International Organization for Vine and Wine (OIV), which it has retained till this day. In the year of wine, on the 30th October 1987, OIV in Rome granted Ljubljana the title ‘The City of Vine and Wine’.
With its rich development, Ljubljana competition has become a reference evaluation of world organizations which are in charge for sensory analysis of wines (OIV, VINOFED, UIOE). Ljubljana competition is considered the oldest international wine competition in the world and is ranked among the 10 most elite wine competitions in the world.

“The International Wine Competition is the oldest international competition in the EU and worldwide. In addition to medals we grant special awards: World Champion, Tsukamoto trophy, Akos Asvany diploma, Country Champion, Slovenian Champion, Champion of the winegrowing district, Slovenian champion of a sort and the Winner of Slovenian specialty wines. The winners will be awarded at the ceremonial opening of the Wine Fair on 15 October 2015.”

Matjaž Kovačič, Head of Vino Ljubljana event

The final deadline for applications is 15 April 2015, while samples will be accepted
until 10 May 2015.

Applications are to be sent to the address, e-mail or fax:
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Vinoljubljana Delivery Label
Online Application Form

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