About Us

Company STAMEO Ltd is a family company that operates as european wine broker, wine travel agent and consultant in the production of quality Bulgarian wines.

Our unique wine e-shop is designed to promote and offer quality Bulgarian wines, as well their creators, and especially the national Bulgarian variety MAVRUD that with the support of all wine-growers and distributors will find many new friends around the world.
Welcome to STAMEO Ltd.

Starting from 1st of December 2015, we are launching an experimental supply of wine to the German market. In 2016 we did successfully exported to Germany and UK, we had inquiries from Sweden, Italy, France and Finland. Since the beginning of 2017 will renew wine store with a new platform and more quality wines. We will introduce new forms of payment such as PayPal and others. We are interested to export wines in Austria, Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Finland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Poland, Netherlands, Sweden, Hungary, Slovenia and Switzerland

For any reason or If you have some special request, please use the contact form to creatе an account.

Ordering of wine is a dynamic process, so we kindly ask you to think in advance and in perspective.
You have to be sure in your choice, then we will make the maximum to find the selected wines of your favorite brands.

Step by step we hope to build trust in our customers and find many new wine lovers!

Stameo Team